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The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you.


- the right way -


The story of Naomi and Ruth: the ways of God in one unique family situation. Showing the honour of the kinsman redeemer.

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- echoes of eternity -

The courage to step out in faith is surely a righteous journey. As the quest does indeed require a sense of direction as defined by an exceptional insight and devotion. For surely, the outlook for these days are already decreed with a heavenly enlightenment and entitlements. And therefore, a time to reset the church record of complacency that sports too many unessential programs. To trail-blaze with a supernatural aura of His Spirit that quickens most assuredly. To envision the majesty of God's formidable presence on our spirituality. As we avoid the negativity of the daily news by staying focused on God’s ultimate resolve. A reflection of a merciful heart that shows the way of His salvation. The surety of Christ, Jesus with us today.

- winds of change -