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Adonai, turn us back to you; and we will come back; renew our days ...

- an honourable birth -


The wise men opened their treasures with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh when they saw the child of promise.

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- disciples of light -

It is foretold that the Apocalypse is decreed to happen and that the powers of darkness would have their diabolical day. God’s permissive will allows this progression of darkness to its ultimate end: a purging of evil and cleansing upon God’s creation. The light of the gospel upon the disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) is the one hindrance to this end time scenario and the rapture of the saints is sooner or later as the day becomes centre stage. The greater the light or brilliance of the gospel message; translates into an earlier departure date for God’s disciples. A sleepy or less enlightened church should expect more darkness and may enter into the tribulation hour. This is an example of the mystery of Godliness unfolding and complete demise of darkness.

- mystery of ages -