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Whereby, the vision of astounding beauty is the majesty of God almighty.

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She brought the child to Pharaoh's daughter, and he was named Moses. Because, I drew him out of the water.

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Celestial Steps

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The story of hope is out of this world, as the saying goes. The reality and beauty of heaven may seem like a distant dream or wonderful vision to most of us. Sure, we're able to look into the sky and see the aurora borealis or australis. But truly, this idea of traveling about in heavenly constellations is only a dream for people without faith. And therefore, as the mystery of godliness prompts, this blog is about the fantastic opportunities that are soon to be realized by the ecclesia. Are you ready to imagine the heavenly welcome mat awaiting each and everyone: by accepting the testimony (gift) of God's salvation. And thereby, explore infinity on the bright side. Thus, the dream of soaring through eternity amidst the stars is a cosmic adventure.

- a starlit quest, eh! -