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The good shepherd always found time for the people. A ministry of tender mercies and reconciliation from above.

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- a redemptive theme -

It is evident since the beginning of time that there is a sovereign plan of salvation. That the powers of darkness would disseminate and be eliminated through God’s foresight and omnipotence. The wonder working power that is with us today and so apparent throughout history. And therefore, as God’s Spirit-led servants, we should be walking in the spectacular. The restoration of all things in Christ, Jesus. And even with this message, too many people are transfixed with hypocrisies of evil intent. So once again, its time to uphold the standard of faith, hope and charity. As the separation of light and darkness reaches its utmost extremity. For surely, the enlightenment and eternal blessings of God's benevolence are upon the ecclesiastical community.

- with all certainty -