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Enoch walked with God; then he was not there because God took him.


- unity of sorts -


Once in the land of Shinar, the people said: Come, let us build for ourselves a great city and tower that ascends into the sky.

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An elapse of time that was more than just a creation story. Could the original vision have extended beyond the Garden of Eden. And so the supposition: were people also given an outlook to explore the cosmos. Are those star quests set aside indefinitely due to the transgression of Adam and Eve. Or destined to life on earth for all time? For surely, God envisioned a marvellous destiny for His creation that wasn’t sidelined at the garden. And so, an astronomical blessing revisited. To see ourselves and thus, experience the dimension of space-time as God’s people. An opportunity that supersedes any science fiction novel, movie or video game of today’s entertainment culture. The real truth of God’s creation story. The redemption plan of everlasting intent.

- an endless adventure -