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... may know what is the hope of His calling ...

... might present to Himself a glorious church ... holy and without blemish.

- sadly mistaken -


Jehovah-Nissi (The Lord Is Conqueror): The chariots were swept away as the water tossed the horse and rider into the sea.

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Meta Tauta

- after these things -

A vision that supersedes the physics of a temporal or spatial cosmic order. An insight on seeing events after these things. To glimpse into God's perfection of everlasting life and like it or not: inevitable majesty of God’s creation revisited. The redemption story and greatest love song ever imagined. As the wonder and promise of revelation are coming to pass as foretold. The complete prophesy of God's mercy, salvation and splendorous glory of Christ, Jesus. Surely, a temporal reliance on earthly portfolios of wealth and popularity (stardom) are nothing outside of God’s economy. As the spatial agents of space travel (science fiction) are overwhelmed by the brilliance of His return: a messianic exposition. So as to, sweet aspirations of worship.

- of His holiness -