Theos ... an eye-opener

Called out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Woe to those ... who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness ...

- simple faith, eh! -


Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord Is Conqueror - is the faith of David. The strength of Goliath was no match for this boy and his sling shot.

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Iconic Seduction
- metaphoric charms -

It was years ago that the powers of darkness were disarmed of supernatural weapons. The vision of Zeus hurling a lightening bolt is considered folklore today. It is evident, by examining the solar system and searching for the origins of humanity, that many cultures have associated with a lesser deity for community well-being. A more sinister group of people are disillusioned enough on holding "a strange admixture" of crystal worship, cabalist theosophy and astrological viewpoints. While others have abandoned themselves to an atheist illogic. Oh, help us to see beyond the veil and overcome the sour notes of deception. Shortly, the face of Yoga and other body, mind and spirit programs shall reveal a morose chuckle behind the mask.

- an epos to lament -