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A viewpoint that has caused a sleepy wait and see attitude in the church.

- a circuitous way -


Are you really going to reign over us?
Are you really going to rule us?
So his brothers sold him to the traders.

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Hypnotic State
- a wake-up shock -

There have been Christian movements based on hypothetical teachings that have become predominate in popular view. An example is the latter rain teaching of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit just prior to the rapture. This is a viewpoint that has caused a sleepy attitude in the church on waiting and enjoying life: with the expectation that the church will awaken to the call of duty. Several years ago, I read a book called A Whisper Revival and have seen other insights, which would have me consider that a wake-up shock will occur after the rapture. The bride of Christ will be spared from the tribulation and those who remain and reject the antichrist's identity the mark of the beast through perseverance will find themselves "saved" as saints or servants in God's kingdom.

- ready or not -